About Kisaakye Rehabilitation

Kisaakye Child Empowerment and Rehabilitation Organization (KICERO) is a registered community based organization with its registration number 036/2011. The organization has focus on improving quality of life of vulnerable children especially those with multiple disabilities in Kayunga district.
The organization started in December 2011 following the survey made by the volunteers who were working with youth with a mission Uganda (A Christian international non government organization) in found in Jinja. Their survey indicated that a number of children with disabilities were either not being catered for or are receiving insufficient services. It also indicated that most of the children were being locked in houses during work hours. This meant that the children were having irregular or insufficient meals hence making some of these children with multiple disabilities to be severely malnourished and prone to infections and secondary deformities.
Most of these vulnerable children come from financially unstable families which relay on very small scale farming/ digging for food. The above therefore calls for collective community awareness and intervention in regard to disability and the disabling conditions. These collective actions may include provision of therapy services, provision of medication, Nutritional trainings and other disability related services as discussed a head.