KICERO offers opportunities to both local and international volunteers to come and volunteer after showing their interest and fill a form to be downloaded;
Volunteering opportunities include the following:
• Construction of local mobility aids and adaptations.
• Nutritional training (Nutritionists)
• Spiritual guidance and support to care takers of disabled children
• Teaching opportunity to our partner school Mountain Zion nursery & primary for special needs.
• Occupational therapists and physiotherapists
• Speech therapists & Counselors .
• Teaching at both community level and in our partner local schools.

Rules Governing Volunteers:

Dressing code:
Volunteers are expected to dress in decent manner as to local standards
Volunteers are expected to pay for their transport from the airport to their expected place of residence and back to the airport on departure The volunteer will take care of his/her transport to the field at a fee of 15,000 a day which will include fuel and motor bike hire NB All the field transportation fee shall be pad through the office
Days of Work:
We work every Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm
The organization will provide accommodation at a fee that will be determined by the period of stay
The volunteers shall contribute a fee of ten thousand shillings a day to the organization towards all their meals and the organization shall be responsible to ensure that they get all their meals.
In case the volunteer need to have a safari, they shall be responsible for all the costs. A guide will be available on request
Place of prayer:
For all religions volunteers they are free to go to any place of worship relevant to their faith
The organization shall ensure safety of the volunteers at all times. The volunteers are free to contribute to the ministry in the forms of adaptive aids, clothes for the children/ parents, medicines and money
The organization believes in relationships but encourages volunteers to take precautions and not to trust people too quickly to avoid disappointments