Charles Ssemusu
Program officer

Charles Ssemusu is a qualified social worker who is helping in programmes development and running of the special needs training.

Mawazi WASWA
Field coordinator/ officer

Mawazi WASWA is an occupational therapy assistant who helps with community mobilization and follow up visits of clients.

Emma Yawe Wangwe
Rehabilitation Assistant

Rehabilitation Assistant who helps with preparing children to go to school.

Moses Jede Ismail
Team Leader and Occupational Therapist

Moses Jede Ismail Is a qualified occupational therapist who helps in overseeing the project work at the Rehabilitation Centre and administering all therapy and managing different conditions in relation to disability.

Magidu Nabende
Clinical Officer

A qualified clinical officer in charge of assessment, and management of medical cases for example; malaria, diarrhea and other cases